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Results ( 7 ) : 2016 - 2.


Authors: F. Hendrickx

‘When Poverty Comes in at the Door, Love Flies out the Window’: The Influence of Eurozone Reforms Upon the Social Dimension of the EU – and Vice Versa?

Authors: U. Neergaard

Abstract: The economic crisis has brought the intriguing question of its effects on Social Europe sharply into focus. This contribution therefore goes to the heart of the puzzles and explores the mutual influence of Eurozone reforms and broader Union social ...

‘Basic Income’ from Wages: Freedom of Contract versus Statutory Minimum Standards

Authors: E. Brameshuber

Abstract: What is the ‘European minimum wage standard’? How might such a standard be introduced? Can wages guarantee a ‘basic income’? These are only some questions arising when hearing the Commission’s President Juncker calling for a minimum wage in all EU ...

In Search of a ‘European Model’ for Fixed-Term Work in the Name of the Principle of Effectiveness

Authors: M. Aimo

Abstract: With Directive 1999/70 on Fixed-Term Work – and more generally through European Directives on flexible work – the European legislator tried to strike a balance between the demands for flexibility coming from employers and the needs to safeguard the...

Improving Working Conditions for Ageing Workers in the European Union: New Approaches

Authors: C. Canazza

Abstract: Ensuring good working conditions for ageing workers needs to be the quid pro quo when considering extension to an active working life. It is therefore essential to identify the problems ageing workers face on the actual labour market to better unde...

Evolutions in the Social Case Law of the Court of Justice: The Follow-Up Cases of the Laval Quartet: ESA and RegioPost

Authors: P. Pecinovsky

Abstract: The Court of Justice’s social reputation was a cause for concern after the infamous Viking and Laval cases in 2007, leading to condemnations by the Committee of Expert of the ILO and the European Committee of Social Rights. Its judgments in Rüffert...

The Flexicurity System in Ireland

Authors: E. Keane

Abstract: This article discusses the implementation of the flexicurity system in Ireland. As the percentage of dependent employees in temporary employment in Ireland grew from 5.3% in 2002 to 10.2% in 2012, it is clear that flexible working relationships are...