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Results ( 8 ) : 2016 - 1.


Authors: F. Hendrickx

Reforming Default Retirement Ages: Regulating Out Precariousness for Older Workers?

Authors: A. Blackham

Abstract: The EU’s ageing population is creating new challenges for employment law and social security systems. In particular, the use of mandatory retirement is coming under increased scrutiny as governments attempt to extend working lives. This article con...

Extending Working Life: The Dutch Government’s Response

Authors: M. Kullmann

Abstract: Ageing has been a concern for several years now. Member States introduced higher pensionable ages to increase labour market participation and facilitate the active participation of older workers in the labour market, and also those who are beyond p...

Enemy at the (Flood) Gates: EU ‘Exceptionalism’ in Recent Tensions with the International Protection of Social Rights

Authors: M. Rocca

Abstract: During the Great Recession we are witnessing a growing tension between the actions of the EU institutions and the rights and values embodied by the ILO Conventions and the European Social Charter. The present contribution explores two case studies ...

The Impact of Atypical Work in Italy and Russia

Authors: O. Rymkevich

Abstract: The paper aims to analyse the impact of precarious employment in Italy and Russia. Although these two countries differ significantly in a number of respects such as size, economic structure, political and legal systems and culture, there are some s...

Temporary Agency Work in Europe: Degree of Convergence Following Directive 2008/104/EU

Authors: A. Sartori

Abstract: Eight years after the EU Directive on temporary agency work was enacted the author carries out a broad comparison to investigate the process of implementation and the impact on the relevant national legislations. In particular, the article focuses ...

The Workplace Relations Reform Project

Authors: A. Kerr

Abstract: Prior to October 1 2015, the system for resolving individual workplace related disputes in Ireland was both bewildering and confusing. Workers were faced with overlapping points of entry and bifurcated routes of appeal. The Workplace Relations Act ...

Employment Status in Amateur Sport in Italy

Authors: R. Carmina

Abstract: This paper examines the social status of amateur athletes in respect of discrimination they may encounter in comparison with professional athletes. It also addresses the issue of the Italian ‘vincolo sportivo’ and correlative violations of EU law o...