About the European Labour Law Journal

Intersentia is pleased to announce the transfer of the European Labour Law Journal to SAGE Publishing from 2017. SAGE will issue renewals and pricing for the 2017 volumes. For more information and details on how to contact SAGE, please go to  

The European Labour Law Journal is a leading peer reviewed academic journal in the area of European labour law and social policy. European labour law is viewed in a wide sense. It includes labour law at the European Union level as well as labour law in the Member States. Included is also a focus on developments of labour law at a global level taking into account its relevance for Europe. Attention is also paid to developments at the level of policy, legislation, case law as well as academic doctrine.

The Journal wishes to increase and foster the debate on the future of labour law in Europe and to increase the knowledge of labour law. It aims to better define the role of labour law in Europe and in light of a European Social Model which can provide solutions for the challenges facing the EU and its Member States, requiring a good combination of economic market performance and quality of life, good work and social justice.

In order to contribute to this, the Journal studies European labour law in national, European and international contexts. Current and future developments in Europe and the world necessitate a fundamental investigation of labour law in the EU and its Member States, and of the basic principles of labour law in Europe.

The Journal fills an existing gap in the academic community. Although there are many national and some internationally oriented labour law journals, none of them specifically addresses the EU as a central focus of attention, including developments of labour law in the EU at the level of the Member States.

The Journal has a privileged partnership with the European Labour Law Network. It also has built up good relationships with the International Labour Organisation, the International Society for Labour Law and Social Security Law, the International Industrial Relations Association, and the European Foundation for Living and Working Conditions.